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In Kenya and around the world, many towns and cities have some symbol that identifies it. a good example is Mombasa Kenya, which uses Elephant ivory as the identity. In Meru town, they use the ruling symbols of the first and the second presidents of Kenya to welcome you to the town.

Njuri Nceke street, one of the biggest streets after tom mbaya, has the symbol as displayed in the photo right at its start in between atr towers and mohammed moti. The symbol on the left is a club which the second president of Kenya(Daniel Moi) used during his time in office as his symbol. And on the right is ‘nkio’ which is made from a tall of a dead cow and it was used by the first president mzee Kenyatta. This was done in honour of the first and second presidents.



Democracy is according to the dictionary goverment by the people in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them.
The above difination gets me thinking everyday about this imaginary thing called democracy and the answer i get is: there is nothing like democracy and if it exist, it is like water and it take the shape and colour of the container it is in.
In USA democracy is two parties exchanging power after a period of time from Repulicans to Democrats and visa verse and then making sure the smaller nations are forced to be like them so as to steel human power and raw materials from them.
In Kenya and majority of African countries, it is the act of the rich joining hands and using the money manuplation ways to stage a rich coup so as stay in power for long and accumulate as much wealth as possible for themselves.
In UK it is having a monarchy by which 50 million euros are given to one family annualy from tax payers money in the name of kingdom. I wonder how much the kingdom of God should be paid!!!
In the far East, it is replacing private property and making it public so everyone works and is paid according to their effort and making sure those stealing public assets are made an example through death.Democray takes different shapes from one country to the other and everyone is according to themselves democratic. This begs for a question: is democracy what we read and see in the main streem media?