As i seat on a log next to the Nairobi animal orphanage eletric fence at Ole kasasi,enjoying the mid-day cold breez i can’t help but decond a political prophecy told to me by a close friend one Kathu(Rukuru Rwa Kariria i agree with him as we have gisagreed but later agreed on many discussion before, that the famous Ruto’s unity of purpose is a crippled horse in mzee Moi’s mind.
”Mzee moi the second and longest serving Kenyan President can only quench his political thirst if and only if the Son of Kenyatta (current president) will pass over the political coffee cup on the other side of the table to a son of one Nyao( Mzee Moi)”said my great friend Kathu.As our talk went on i could gather in my mind that the political fevour that Mzee Moi extended to the son of Jomo in 2002 by presenting him to the country as the Kanu man of the day was a dept to be paid later just like Moi was paying his to Jomo Kenyatta through his son Uhuru.
The political tempeture had now heated high at Matenzawa super Erical base and everyone given their ears to Me and Rukuru as we analysed the posibility of this prophecy. It has just crossed my mind that our analitical eyes can at times see very far since this week, there were rumours of the son of Jomo and his deputy meeting with Mzee Moi and his comrade totaly man (Biwot) and speaking to Rukuru on phone i could only gather that; two political teachers(Moi and Biwot ) and two star political students (Ruto and Uhuru) could only have a close door meeting to discus political advancement and Ruto’s unity of purpose the Moi verssion must have been an agenda.
The speed of an Impla inside the park surprised my wife and interapted my writting and I picked on five minutes later after having enjoyed the benefits of living next to a park and taking nice photos of wilder beasts. By now, I had remembered mzee moi’s old age and just like Rukuru thought that if mzee moi will witness a jubilee alliance with one of his sons at the top of kenyan politics, he will rest in peace a happy mzee and Rutos unity of purpose for self political success will have come to pass and at the same Kathu’s/Qobiqom’s political prophecy will have had its day. my whatsapp messages on my pamtop could not give me more time to carry on since i must attend to my client goodbye.