Street children, are children on the streets, they simply must not all be orphans, some might have run away from home for different reasons.


While in the streets, they love begging for gifts or coins in the name of having not taken any meal, it is so common in 3rd world countries due to the high level of poverty. In Kenya for example, Nairobi city as the capital of the country, houses so many street children, but here, life on the street is in a different level, poor mothers who live around slums, take their children with them in the streets, and children will beg and then give what they receive from the willing good hearted Kenyans to their mothers. It is a business that is profitable and it has interested more mothers hence the big number of street children in the streets of Nairobi.

     When children on the streets come to you begging desperately, it does not mean that they only need that coin that you just got as balance after paying for packing to a packing lady, no, they are desperate of everything that you got as a young child and can’t be gotten from the streets; they just like you need love, food, shelter, clothing, parental care, education among many other things, so, giving the child a twenty shilling coin, will not sort out his or her need for parental love.

  • Share your time.

     Children on the streets are people who have had no time to play, talk too, or even walk side by side with people who love them. Instead of just giving that coin that will be in the next twenty seconds after your departure, taken away from them by the beg masters, spend some little time with them, ask them their name, what they love doing, their wishes, and if they are not in so busy street, share a game or two with them that you are sure, they do not know. Make sure the vice versa happens.

     If you seriously fill that those children need your help, walk to either a church, a mosque, or the nearest temple and as for a community based programme that helps the street children, from here, take your time and give all you can in the programme and you will have helped not even two, but a big number of children. You can even find non- governmental organisations that need your voluntary job on the internet so as to make the life of that child better, that is via internet again.

  • Give them a smile and put it on their faces.

     Many street children will rarely smile, this is because they have either not eaten or they want you to pity them through the desperate look on their face. As they frown had, talk to them and make sure, your smart phone or digital camera is with you, take photos of you and them, doing something new in your life, be promising enough and walk into the nearest photo studio and give their image back to them in a hard copy, they will have had an image to remember you for.

  • Share a meal with them.

     When these children come to you begging mercifully, telling you a drop line that is so common in all the world streets ‘I have not eaten’ take your few minutes as you show them love and care, take them to a hotel and buy them a meal, if you or that play boy, take you food as take away, seat somewhere in the open air with them and share the meal together, you will be more than a parent for that moment.

  • Bring the world to them.

     Many of these children, are always from the slums, so, they have most probably never travelled beyond that town that houses their slum, or they have never been to a cyber cafe and tried to see the streets of London, Washington, Hague or even Paris, so, giving them such a chance through sharing photos or showing a video clip of the same through your smart phone, will give them a story for the day, hence happiness and well spent time.

  • Learn from them as you teach them.

     Many of this vulnerable children, have extra ordinary talents, so, give them a moment to show case their talents to you, if possible, record that and may be, try to help the child get and avenue later as you go on with you duties in life. You should also spend some time there and show them what you know best.

  • Communication is best by language.

     You might be from Brazil and if in Nairobi for instance, knowing how to speak to them will only be through gesture, so, it will be good if you learn the local slang, try to show them that you appreciate their language and may be, when you join them next time, you will not need to tell them good bye using your hands as if you were dumb, but you will talk to them.

  • Everybody has a name.

     When your bosses call you by your name and not your job description, you fill more appreciated. Could you imaging someone always calling you a driver! It doesn’t fill good, not everyone made it to becoming whom they wanted to be in life, and you calling them a driver, only reminds them that, they should have been a pilot. So, if you are sure that you will be around that town for a while, be sure that you might meet with those children in another corner of the city the next day, so, please keep their names so as to let them fill appreciated the next meeting.

  • Donate to the right institution.

     If it is a must for you to give money, or gifts, then there is always a better place for this- go to a local school in the slums and donates books, go to a children’s home and donate food, adopt one of the street children through the right process, and you will have done the world a favour, giving your money on the street will only make the drug lord that you hate so much only richer.


     The above tips are only not 100% perfect but are only meant to encourage you, to fight poverty in the right way. If you fill that there is a point left out as a reader, please share it through the comments below this article and it will definitely be part of this article. All your guidelines are welcome.

                                                                                                                             Sar. Qobiqom


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