Today, we have so many homeless children either on our streets, or in the slums but with no where to call home, not many children who are homeless today were bone on the streets.

     A very big number of the homeless children today once had a home from which they have ran away. If we take good care of our children, and avoid the points highlighted below, we will live with our children happily and even have a chance to help more homeless children have somewhere to finally call home.

  • Don’t depart from them.

     When may be and God forbid parents of a child dies, you who is left as a relative, friend, neighbour, or even fellow human being should help give or play that parental part now that the child is an orphan, failure to you doing this, the child will not run that home that has been left by the parents. So, due to desperation, the child might even engage in drug and substance abuse and later this will lead to either them running away from home or selling the property let including the houses and leaving for the streets. A child being left alone may not only come through death of the parents but even long distance caused by early day of a new job in a new country of place.

     Be a friend to your child so that they can be friendly to you and always telling you what is happening in their lives. When a child is bullied in school or even in the village by an elderly person, or a grown up, they will seek refuge to their parents, but if you are so tough to your child, they will be afraid of telling you, thinking that you might beat them up saying that they must respect grownups, so the only chance that the child might be left with is running away from the area.

     Children do not have that grownup mind to handle pressure, so, when you are always on a child’s case, forcing them to do heavy duty jobs like in the poor families that do not even have piped water at home, forcing them to fetch much water, them wash their and your cloths, cleaning the house, and then cook for you, may be too much for a child. Watch out.

  • Kicking them out.

     If you are used to beating up a child every time they wrong, note that it is not the best option to make a child obedient. If a child is beaten up and usually runs to the neighbours for help, one day, she/he might never go to the neighbours but will go, and never come back.

  • Sexual assort or rape.

     Sexual assort and rape have contributed to many children abandoning their homes simply because they do not know how to deal with it, so, always show your children that they are secure with you so that in case and God forbid, they are faced by this inhuman act, they will trust you and be with you. Many even run away because the perpetrators of such acts in some cases are never punished for it and they keep on threatening the child not to tell about it or else they might kill them.

  • Alcohol and violence.

     If someone in a certain homestead takes a lot of alcohol and then tries to be violent either to the child parent of to the children themselves, it is very easy for the child to fill unprotected and since they might not hold the pressure, running away from home will be in the top list of options.

  • Verbal abuse and un appreciation.

     When one yells or screams at a child all the time for doing something wrong, the child becomes afraid and insecure. If the child does something that they think is a great invention of all times, them they need someone to appreciate them and guide them through what they are doing, so, screaming to them how wrong they are opts them to think of a place they will be appreciated.

  • Being neglected.

Neglecting a child might not simply mean living them alone, it could also be inclusive of the things children need most. When a child is in the house, they need attention, if they don’t receive it, they will look for it elsewhere. Food and clothing is also something else that if a child lucks, they will fill insecure and neglected.

  • Parental love.

     You must not be the biological parent of a child to show them parental care and love, no, you just need to listen to the kick, do to them watch they say and is right, and guide them through the right path in life for them to fill mothered.

  • Un education.

     Not every child loves school, but if a child loves school and you do not give them a chance, I can bet you that at any point of such an offer or chance, they will live you alone and very fast run away from that home that became their hinderance to earning knowledge.



     It is us who make children run away from us, so, having read the above bulleted points, try advising others on what to avoid and what to do to keep our children with us.

     I am not a children expert, so, if I have left out a point that you fill is crucial for us to retain our children at home, please the comment box below is wide open for you.                            

                                                                                                         Sir. Qobiqom


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