When it comes to blogging, one should if not must be an internet friend and if possible love you must make internet your number one friend, for without internet connections, you are as good a blogger as none. Creativity is not what you should think twice about, for if you have a photography blog, remember even a two year child can take a photo, if only shown the right button, but here is the question, what kind of a photo?. When we talk about third world countries, we simply mean places like Africa and the likes. These are countries with people who can hardly make one dollar a day.

     Very few people in the 3rd world are educated, hence enemies to information, but to those that have been trying blogging from scratch, here are some of the challenges they have either met or over come on their way.


     I know, even the poorest person on earth do not like being called poor, but when it comes to journalism, truth must be told. Many of the people living in the 3rd world countries are poor, poor to the extent of lacking some basic needs, those that might have gone for higher education, it is mostly not by the efforts of their parents, no, it is through churches, NGO’s, donors and even some working to educate themselves. With that in mind, you now know that to poor people, information or education, might be turned into a luxury and not a basic need. A community with these poverty line around them, might have someone in them wanting to blog and change the world, but they just can’t. Anyway, if you think they can, answer yourself this question ‘if you had 15£ with you, would you go for a smart phone, or would you go for food if there was no food?’

  • Internet connections.

     In most of the 3rd world countries, internet connections are a very big challenge. This is because, here, people are poor, so the money they make daily, monthly or even annually, is or enough for basic needs. Those that have taken the part of business people and started cyber cafes where one can access internet at a small fee, are only in big cities and bigger towns, you might not find them in the villages.

     Take this example; one day, I travelled to Kenyan upcountry to see my mother, yes I had my phone with me, but there was no network coverage, no cyber cafe, or anything that could help me access the internet, so, my small sister thought that because she could not reach me, and she did not know where I were, the best idea was to report to the police station a missing brother! You can guess what followed.

     If the internet connections are mostly found around town, then those living away from town will have to travel to the town to find it. how many trips can one make to the cyber each day just to respond to a comment on their story?

  • Information barrier.

     No matter how much educated you are, you can not tell what current news are without see the headlines or watching/reading them extensively. In the poor countries, one might be fresh from college, just started a blog, and the whole family is waiting for him/her to get some good cash, God knows from where, for them to have their first television set, Radio or even a phone to help one surf well in the internet and be informed, information is not only in the internet, but remember blogs are.

  • Job type or class.

     Many of the people in 1st world countries, will find this funny, for they believe, you can blog actually you can post a blog while standing at a postal line, waiting to be served, yes you really can, now, take this example of Mwenda, who is a fresh from college, would wish to get employed. Mwenda finds it difficult to get a job and decides as he waits for a chance, he will join a building and construction work in the towns to earn himself a living. One must be at the construction site at 6am in the morning, and leave the site and 6pm in the evening, while at the site, God knows if one can stop caring blocks to blog, so as to answer to a comment while missing cement, sand and water! So, Mwenda arrives home at 10pm in the evening with a very exhausted body, and they should be up by 3am to try and reach the site in time since he has to walk to the site to save a coin.. What kind of a blogger will he be?



     It takes passion, and much courage, determination and focus to be a blogger in the 3rd world countries, but the above does not encourage them to stop blogging and wait for example, wait for Kenya to become like Canada where the governments provides free internet, it is for them to work hard and smart to fight their own problems and rise to be the best blogger regardless of the challenges. Remember running away from 3rd world to 1st world will not help the nation, but only you. My call is for you not to take 3rd world to 1st world but do the vice versa.


                                                                                      Sar. Qobiqom.



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