Peace is one of the most important things a citizen needs from the government; it is only given through enough security in the bonders of the country and good relations with other countries. When a country has a well trained and equipped military, they will definitely have good security, meaning that they will have very save bonders like those of the USA and the U.K that are not attacked easily. A well trained and equipped police service provides law and order in the same country; all this is possible if sons and daughters of the parents in the said State are recruited to the forces, well trained and equipped to protect their fellow citizens.
In Kenya, for one to be recruited in any of the military branches, be it the Navy, the Air force or Kenya army, they must be in between the age of 18-26 years. The same case applies to the police and even the National Youth Service which is a pare military training college for the youths who later join the police, army, or even get trained in different professions and released from the N.Y.S units to be a non uniformed young man in the society again.
When the young men and women fail to be recruited in the army or the police, they opt to be recruited in the N.Y.S as the Nations service men and women who earn nothing despite the much physical training they undergo. Mostly the government recruits between 3000 and 6000 youths in to the service, then one wonders why a government that is for the people, of the people and by the people will recruit young citizens who have lives to live ahead of them, and keeps them in a training camp knowing very well that not all of them will benefit from the programme? And actually keep them there with nothing for their pockets or even families that they come from?
one of the Kenyan youths whose real name i will keep hidden for security purposes and will code it with the name Idi Fahid, wished all his life to ones be a uniformed either police or army officer in Kenya, he waited since he were a small boy until when time came after his o’levels so that he could pursue his dream. On April 1st 2009, Fahid went for his first trio in Muriri which is his district headquarters for an army recruitment which would see him achieve his dream but he was disappointed for he did not go through.
Fahid did not give up but kept waiting for any other recruitment that would turn up, and in July the same year the National Youth service recruited him and he got the calling letter to report atGilgil recruits training college on 5th august. He reported at around 5:30pm and his training started by caring his box that contained his property by the head to the barracks.
In Mozambique barrack, Fahid became one of the best parade drillers of his time and was even made the recruit in charge of drills. But something happened on the fifth month of the training that makes him wish that he was born in a country that had better structures for its citizens, Fahid got sick and actually, very sick, he had no one to help him for five days, that was the 18th to the 22nd of December 2009, for five days, Fahid was not to be taken to hospital because he was a solder and solders are herded to never be soft, when he got to his weakest point on the 21st they tried to treat him at the college dispensary but due to lack of equipped labour he had to be taken back to the barracks and wait for the next day. Thanks to his fellow recrutes who were human enough to help him with first aid and food.
Due to severe dehydration and gastric, which was coursed by a long Sunday night when he vomited for more than 7 hours, Fahid had lost enough water in the body to lose consciousness the next morning, and when he was taken to the Gilgil sub district hospital, he had already lost a big part of his eye sight, his optical nerve had shrunk to the point that he could not see more than three metres. He was admitted at the men wards in the hospital and later released on 24th to go and celebrate Christmas with the rest of the recrutes, with his sight dimmed, he went back to the barracks and had to call home using one of his seniors phone to let them know so as they could help now that government was doing nothing for him. He was ones taken to the Nakuru Provincial hospital and nobody cared again to help him, so a question arises that was Fahid training to defend himself or to secure Kenya?
His family later took over the bidden of hospital bills and many trips to big and expensive hospitals like the Nairobi hospital, and even the Aghakhan hospital not to mention Kikuyu Hospital which is one of the best facilities for eye conditions in East Africa. The Family members could take Fahid to hospital and then return him to the college hoping that their son could get better and become what he had always trained hard for, but this did not come to pass since every hospital Fahid went to had one and the same message for him, that his dear sight was gone never to come back.
The National youth service had no more value for Fahid after he lost his sight to a sickness that found him as the property of the service, I call him a property since they never used to know him by his name but by a service number that started with 10—1, they later in November of 2010 got him out of the service with empty hands and told him that he was unfit for the service and they could no longer keep him. Could this happen to a son of a senior government official?
As i write Fahids story, I wonder why the Government through the national Youth service did not compensate Fahid and they knew that his life was completely changed by the loss of his sight in their training college? Why didn’t they even help his family with the hospital bills? Is the Kenyan Government never interested in the lives of the visually impaired? And if so, i may ask could it be that something was cooking behind the doors of the NYS headquarter that made them dumb about the matter until today?
All those questions will maybe forever run in Fahids mind with no answers, and that is why he chose to move on and forget about a government that he wanted to serve dearly but neglected him, as we are talking, Fahid his now a blogger, and a Mass communication Diploma holder and a Hiphop Artist who wishes to have a bright future in the art industry if another tragedy does not hit him and have him neglected again. He has a simple message to the government “they should know that i don’t need them but they need me, that’s because i can do without them but they need my tax” that to me sounds great and these sounds even excellent “i am hardworking and will never work for the government that has no value for me, actually if i made enough money to get me out of this country, i will go never to come back, actually the N.Y.S neglected me and found me useless, and so do I see them today. ”
All the best Fahid.
By: Sar Qobiqom.