Kenya being one of the colonised countries, has a history and so many stories to tell, either on the current, past or even the future, I being a Kenyan, I am currently disappointed by the celebration of Kenya at fifty which means that the citizens of this country, are celebrating the fruits of the struggle for independence.

    If it was not for the freedom fighters, today Kenya could still be under the colonial rule or part of the countries whom I call ‘the disabled countries’ for they can’t have their own sons ruling them but another country have taken their rights of being fully a democratic country-       a royal child: the future king for 16 countries, is he really worth it?

     The above link, leads you to a story that tells how Kenya could be if it were not for the sons and daughters who offered their lives to liberate us from the hands of the colonialist who were on us like hungry lions, but though the Britons left powers on our hands, I sometimes think they should have not, or if they should, then not to the greedy people they gave power.

       As Kenya celebrates 50 years after attaining independence, heroes that fought the power we are celebrating are left out, with their families not getting any recognition or any appreciation. While the Maumau fighters were in the forest suffering so that we could be free, they had a commander who led them on what to do so as to concur the whites, many of them were killed, captured and jailed, but the spirit of the Maumau remained intact. Some of the top most Maumau leaders were killed and their bodies have never been seen until today, yet, the government of the day is busy making fifty shilling golden coins to celebrate Kenya at fifty and holidays not to mention parties in the biggest stadium on the land, but if you think the body of one Dedan Kimathi is a surprise for not being seen or his family being given states recognition, here is something worse.                                         



     Musa Mwariama was born in 1st January of 19 24 in Muthara division, Tigania East constituency, he was the only top ranking Maumau fighter who survived in the forest without being captured or killed, he commanded an army of 2000 Maumau fighter in Mt. Kenya forest and Nyambene hills.


                                                                                                    Photo credit to: National archives.

        After independence, Mwariama was honoured with the honour of burning spear by the president Mzee Kenyatta, this is because he truly was a hero, warrior, and fighter. Mwariam is also the hero, or maumau commander who inspected the maumau guard of honour on 12th December 1963 together with Mzee Kenyatta. If as we are told today, Dedan Kimathi was the only top ranking maumau fighter, then who took over after his death to lead Kenya to independence? Or did Kenya gain independence after Kimathi’s death? Why isn’t whoever took Kimathi’s position praised as heroic as Kimathi?

     What surprises me is the fact that the government through the president recognised that Mwariama was the greatest Maumau fighter ever by rewarding him with the honour of the burning spear, but left him out of the sharing of the National cake. Today, Kenya is celebrating fifty years but nobody recognises the only warrior who escaped the hands of a white man to lead the maumau warriors to giving Kenya freedom.

    Musa Mwariama died on the 1st of January 1989 in Ukambani Eastern province after sucking a leg of a friend who had been beaten by a snake. This to me is more of a shock than a surprise, the greatest maumau fighter, who should have had even an emergency medical cover dies for sucking a friends leg, could this ever happen to those that became president, ministers, or even members of parliament? All that we see them with is security, big salaries, and nice suits, if not medical covers and emergency services from AMREF flying doctors. Who will hear the cry for the forgotten maumau fighters, their families and even relatives? Or will we keep our mouths mum and watch as their heroism and much courage if not their blood or suffering go to waste, or get lost like the body of Dedan Kimathi at Kamiti prison? Or must some individual’s sacrifice their lives to go back to the forest like one of the Maumau fighter, ‘General Baimungi’ did in 1964 after realising that power was in the wrong hands? Only to be killed by his own block government while having escaped the bullet of a white man, and his body be paraded in Meru town for three days!

     As the above question ring in our minds, I wonder when justice for the weak in the society will prevail, I also wonder who gave the so called fathers of the nation powers to be what they are not, while the right and truthful fathers of this nation have their generations suffering and swimming in absolute poverty! When will Kenya be a truthful nation even for a day? When wil the rights of the real Fathers of this land be given to them? If those that lead Kenya to the road to independence are not the fathers and mothers of Kenya, then who? I wish that one day, the likes of General Baimungi, Field marshal Musa Mwariama and Muthoni, will be celebrated even for a Month and not three day holiday in a stadium.

                                 KENYANS WAKE UP!!

                                                                By: Kobia Koome.