SIX LITTLE FACTS ABOUT UNITED STATES OF AFRICA.


     Being an African myself, I have always wondered why can’t Africa unite and form a powerful state that could bring about peace in this beautiful motherland and even help it be easier for sons and daughters of Africa move around their once one motherland peacefully without having to produce identity cards or passport. Unity in Africa could mean much for African but war for all other countries like the UK, and USA who benefit so much from the un peaceful Africa.

     The late former Libyan leader Mohamarr Gadafi[King of Africa], had pushed to hard to make sure that at least Africa unites and before he dies has one identity card, one United army, and at least one president  for all its citizens, and even to those nations in the diasporas with a big African population like Jamaica join their motherland. His dream was killed before him by greedy African leaders like Jacob Zuma who saw this as an opportunity by Gadafi to take their powers away, Zuma was even had saying that Gadafi was an intimidating African leader.

     For Zuma and others of his like who have not over the years shown interest in a United States for Africa, like Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria who have always shown less interest, below are few facts about a United states of Africa.

  • It could be a dream come true after 89 good years of waiting. This is because the United States of Africa was first mentioned by Marcus Garvey in the year 1924 in his poem ‘Hail United States of Africa’
  • The United States of Africa could be the third most populated state after China and India.
  • It could also be a home to people who speak two thousand different languages.
  • If Africa united today, it could be the biggest country on earth with a land mass bigger than that of Russia.
  • It could also be the only state under the sun with so many resources that it could live on its own and feed other countries without depending on them on anything even the man power if the resources are well used.
  • Unity here could change Africa from ‘the poor Africa’ to a united well rich  Africa, for its resources could now be under one government, it could also change from what many from the west have many times could ‘the continent that God forgot  to ‘the continent that God blessed’.

                                                                                                                       By: Kobia Koome.





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