After a very close friend of mine could not have a lover and keep her for a month, I decided to get to the bottom of the story and find out why?, while trying to look for what used to make women run away from this rich, tall, duck, and handsome brother, I found out few ways to make it really true. While in love, there are things that should accompany your sex, money, handsomeness, and even physical structure for it to truly happen.

  • Do not or actually never ever miss that opportunity to always tell them that they are beautiful, do it in all ways possible but make sure the point is always home.
  • Wherever you might be with her, if in the house or out  with them, make sure that while you introduce them to your friends especially women, you remember to call her your girlfriend, if all of those friends you are introducing her to are women, please remember to pull her closer as that word girlfriend comes out.
  • When you plan to take them out, do not keep on stressing where you are taking her for a date, they only want to be with you and stressing it might make you a bragging brother.
  • Even if she crosses the most redline of your life, that you believe even the devil should never cross, never ever slap her or beat her up for anything, always be gentle and you will enjoy the returns.
  • Have a good memory and know what they love most, this is because you should always memorise their birthdays, give them meaningful presents on whether on their birthdays, valentines or even Christmas day, forgetting her birthday is a big crime that you will pay for in love.
  • To avoid getting hurt, never just run to their house especially if a newly found love, they also run around the house in their pants just like us men, and maybe she had never loved you truly, so avoid meeting that other brother in there. Always inform her before dropping by.
  • Even if you are a Rocket scientist, you will never as a man be smart like them in love, so never cheat on them for whether you like it or not, it will be for a short time and she will find out, the reason being, women will always tell each other, what is new in their lives.
  • Never be afraid of touching her or welcoming her in your arms anywhere you might be, this is because they went out with you and press close to you, because they love being in your arms.
  • Be all you can be in private, if you sleep with them or not, take care, always keep that between you and her for others are waiting to do so, telling it out invite new visitors in your relationship, but she is a girl, allow her to tell it to the girls.
  • Make sure that unless she has offered to pay the bills, you always pay them, most women will want to pay half the bills but never force it to them, they will offer it sometimes.
  • Even if it is not a serious relationship, make sure that you give gift of different types, trust me brother, they truly love gifts from you.
  • Offer security, always make sure that if you are not with her, you at least call twice every day to know how she is fairing, if with her, then always drop her home and if in the car walk her to the door step gently, she will truly appreciate.
  • Finally, in the bedroom don’t be creative for that is what we all are, be inventive, do what your grandfather has never done and your grandson will not do.


          Women in relationships want to be treated like Queens before they can even think of you as their King, but once you treat them as they want and think you are their number one King without any biasness. Doing or following the steps above, will only improve your relationship and not help you know all women, only a fool will think they are what all women will bed low too and again, only a fool will think that all women will appreciate them after this article, anyway do not get discouraged brother, yes they will, but only the majority and not all. So, you’re still lucky.


                                                                                                    By: Kobia Koome.




  1. Yea, this is it! Relationships will no b just relationships, bt a palace to live in with a real king n a real queen- a paradise 4 tht matter

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