the death of Osama Bin Laden: where is Alqaida?



     Since Kenya was hit hard by members of Alshabab, a terrorist organisation operating in our neighbouring country[Somalia], I have always wondered if After the death of Osama Bin Ladin, the Al-Qaida’s King pin, still the little branches of Al-Qaida like Alshabab and even the Al-Qaida itself still operate and until when will they be living?

     With the death of Osama Bin Laden in may the year 2011, the terrorist organisation Al-Qaida not only lost their head but now, have experienced structural change and off shoots and pose Jihadists threats which are too dangerous. The organisation lost its head, the most wanted man in the World, in the morning of may the 2nd 2011, in a covert US military operation, the organisation lost its number one man, in a forty minutes fire exchange which took place in Abbattabad Pakistan. The number one Al-Qaida man had his influence declining since his naming as the most wanted but he managed to pose threats to the world from Pakistan where he had hidden for years, the special forces from US silenced the man and the group after a successful operation.

     Osama kept himself locked in isolation in his house in Abbattabad because he was very worried about his security, the organisation’s main and symbolic figure had disappeared so they had not in a long time carried out a terrorist attack. When the US received a terrorist attack of all times in what is today well known as September 9/11, Osama became the most wanted man by the US, for this reason, the rich Al-Qaida donor, became so expensive since he had nowhere to hide and as the group sort to protect their number one, they lost time to constitute and plan terrorist operations. Immediately after Osama’s death, every journalist, analyst, opinion formers, and terrorist experts wrote or spoke so much of what they knew about Osama, the Pakistan terrorist expert Mr Ahmmed Rashid wrote in the German news paper ‘Berliner zeitung’ that [hundreds of Wannbe Jihadists will grieve today and will sacrifice their lives to avenge Osama’s death.] but surprisingly there has been very little reaction from the Al-Qaida actually if any.

       The reason as to why Al-Qaida is struggling to survive, if not to bring itself up again is that they have never had a leader as powerful, courageous and daring as Osama, months after his death, the group was hit by another strong blow from its enemies, Osama’s number one most trained man, Fazul Abdala was also killed in Mogadishu Somalia,


the group did not seem to be yet ready to die, so they elected a new leader who is Ayman Al-Zawahiri former Osama’s deputy as the organisation leader. Al-Zawahiri is an Egyptian doctor who until his masters death was believed to be behind the organisation’s main plans, he actually was Al-Qaida’s brain. Guido Steinberg an adviser on International terrorism said that Osama’s death was pivotal since there was and there is no man with his charisma to replace Osama.

        Another effect that Osama’s death might have had on Alqaida is that, since he died, many other Jihadist groups have been trying to take centre stage. The Alshabab of Somalia is a Jihadist militia group operating in Somalia and is believed to be a part of Al-Qaida, but although it is part of the big organisation, in the recent days it has been on the spotlight more than Al-Qaida itself. Alshabab is known to be responsible for many bomb attacks in Somalia and many of other African countries including Kenya. The other group that has come up than its mother organisation[Al-Qaida], is the Boko Haram of Nigeria, which is an Islamist group with an a gender of imposing sheria law in the Christian state of Nigeria. They have been responsible for multiple killings of Christians in Nigeria and are even known to be using children as part of their militia. Africa here is not the only continent with the effects of Al-Qaida, Europe is too a victim, in March, Mohammed Merah was killed in Toulouse after killing several people including three children in front of a Jewish school, he belonged to a group called [Mujahid] which is believed to be part of Al-Qaida. Same case applied in Germany when they sentenced Arid U to life in prison after killing two solders at Frank Furt Airport in February 2011.

     In the minds of many, questions run each day, many ask themselves whether the Al-Qaida is still strong as they were before Osama’s death! Others wonder if Al-Qaida will ever die! And many are surprised by the bombings that Al-Qaida has carried out after its top most man’s death in Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan!. Although Osama is dead, Al-Qaida is here to stay, they are now in different small group all over the world, in Africa[Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Libya] amongst many other African countries, in Europe[France, Germany, Great Bratain] amongst many other European countries. In Asia[Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria] amongst other Asian countries. The bombing in Middle East states are all linked to Al -Qaida and their smaller partner. All that Osama’s death might have done to Al-Qaida is help America get out of their most wanted list of countries. Since they killed Osama and his number one most trained student[Fazul Abdala] America is a little bit at peace with big attacks on its own land, all that the terrorist do today is attack American individuals like they did to the Libyan Embassy in the year 2012. All in all, just like the prophets of Jesus times and before could tell the future, for me, Alqaida is here either to stay or to be, so ‘the World, watch over yourselves’.

                                                                                                                        By: Kobia Koome.


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