MEN, THE WORLD’S KINGS.    


Men are that male sex of all the world animals that always want to fill special, mostly they will want to be praised, may be worshiped and at times respected so much by the female counterpart, just like the Lion who is the King of the jungle, allow him to fill so and if possible, treat him like so, this will bring a healthy relationship and you the woman will have the best of a man any other woman could dream of. When a woman wants their man to treat them in a great and loving way, they should follow the following:

  • Before he comes home, always cook for them and make sure even if you have a house girl, please serve food for them when they arrive.
  • Always thank him for the most little things they do: like coming home early, putting up with you, and for doing anything in the house for they believe that its your job.
  • Even if you believe that you are a million times smart than him, always give him the upper hand in any talk, listen to him, and let him feel great by praising his thoughts.
  • Never intrude in his plan, always let him feel like the King planner around the world by following any plan he draws to the letter.
  • In bed, let him feel like the best of all men in the world by doing what he loves most and praising all his moves. Be good and make sure you do not miscalculate his wants.
  • Most of the evenings that he mentions to be so exhausted, massage him and let him know that he truly deserves it for he works so hard and smart to provide for you and the kids.
  • When he invites you for an event, make sure you attend all his events and look great so as for his eyes to stick on you and do not see that friend who his more beautiful than you.
  • Compliment him. Tell him he looks great whenever he makes an effort to dress well, that will make him more confident and have self believe so he will always consider you as his greatest source of confidence.
  • Let him know that you are his all, this is possible by you telling him all that you do, wants to do, or has done without his knowledge.
  • Allow him be a guy when he is with the guys, if you happen to be near him and the friends, do not let the friends know that he was to cook supper for you or he was to wash your clothes for they will make him understand that you are taking him to be the lady in the relationship.
  • Your relationship with him should be your number one secret, do not talk about his weaknesses or strengths to your girlfriends for they will capitalise on them and steal him from you.

With these in mind, your relationship will work out as the best simply because the man will see you as the best of all female counterparts for it is not simple for you to stay or put up in such conditions as listed above.

                                                                                                     By: Kobia Koome.


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