Media are channels of communication like print, radio, television and internet, in the media, there are things to be done and as always in any institution, first things first; the media should be a watchdog for the citizens of any country that they are operating.

     Being a watchdog does not only mean telling the public what the government could be up to next, how many funds has been misdirected and wrongly used, but it should always play its three main duties at any given time, these duties of the media are; educate, inform, and lastly entertain.

     In this case, the Kenyan media has nothing to offer me here, by saying this I mean that, they do not follow these three duties but have their own way of dealing with the Kenyan public. As I write this story I will base it between the Kenyan media stations and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC radio).

     To anybody who is a friend to the BBC radio in Kenya, I already know you got my point, but for the sake of other readers, let me get clearer, the Kenyan stations and mostly the radio has gone to the dogs, by this I mean that they have a series of programmes that do not help the Kenyan citizen but only blind them to the truth and the future, many of the media today, have many of their programmes as entertaining and have no time to inform or educate the Kenyans, if you tune to the radio stations in the morning until 10-11 AM, you will be in shock for most of the radio stations have one thing in common, they all call or ask their listeners to call  them and contribute to sexually related topics every day, so I am left wondering if sex is the only thing the ears of Kenyans need to hear! When they are not doing this, they ask their listeners to press some digits on their phones and get their favourite songs, as they do this, the Chinese media is asking their listeners who are of the blind community to press certain digits and get E books of their syllabus or novels.

     At the same time that radio stations are doing nothing but mere talk, the TV stations have movies that they show to Kenyans as if it was by request, mostly these are Nigerian movies and Mexican soaps, after that most of the radio stations will again from 11AM-1PM have love related problems and love doctors who solve the problems that the listener either texts or calls and gets help, again mostly love will go back to the sexual related issue, what a community?

     Afternoon knocks and there is a break from this monotony with another monotony of 1PM news in all the stations, then most of the radio stations take their normal route and if one stations is playing the East African music, the other will be Playing Jamaican music which in most cases is so verbally abusive, that is what will end the day of the Kenyan citizen. Talking about the night is a waste of time because by now you know if sex and music takes the better part of the day, then it is the King of the night.

     Thanks be to God for technology has help the media be Worldwide either through the internet or through different frequencies. Has the Kenyan media is entertaining those that want too, the ones that what information and education will have their eyes glued to CNN TV, Aljazeera, BBC TV/radio, China radio, and even Radio France international. So I will just take the BBC to explain a bit what the Kenyan media is lacking.

     The BBC radio is the most informative radio station this side of Sahara, with its frequency in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi and Mombasa as; 93.9, they have so many informative and educative programmes and so as for me not to be a lier, I will list some of them and invite you to listen to them and after that tune to any Kenyan radio or TV station and without any malice I will tell you for free that you will never again make that mistake.

    The BBC programmes like; the outlook, witness, world have your say, news hour, science hour, and the weekend are so informative and educative and as a Kenyan, I call to the owners and managers of the Kenyan media to emulate this for if the media will not play its part, that is when they will have time to go and take tea in state house, be friends to the president a thing that should never happen with the media, for if the president is your friend you will never watch him but cover his government. Wake up the sleeping Kenyan media. This is not a threat but if the Kenyan Media through all its mediums will not take another step towards the truth, this country will be the most bloody one in the World 18 years from today, the reason being that, they even have time to assume issues like when communities fight, instead of investigative journalism taking its course, they take what the police have assumed and report that it politically instigated, instead of proper investigation to deaths of prominent people rumours are taken to be true and like in the case of George Saitoti we are told the drug lords killed him, yes if they did, who are they? Wake up!

     When telling such truth, everyone will want to be on your neck, but if that hurt you, here is a better truth, the Kenyan media is the way it is because of its work force, by this I mean, if you work your house built better, you get the best of architecture in town, and the best construction company full of professional, but the Kenyan media is full of quartz who can’t even give the different between a condenser and ribbon microphone at their disposal. The employers have taken time to employ so many non journalist in the industry, professional are left out there to work for international media, if today you went to every media group in this country, you will be surprised to get not less than 15 quartz who have if at any point so a class room door, then are either, teachers, or accountant, or even coaches and comedians as presenters and broadcasters, or is the Kenyan media the dumping site for the jobless? With this kind of a media industry, state house will be the tea room, and the media will be the devil workshop for they will never tell the truth, we will have stations paying a fine of 10, and even 30 million as it once happened because someone who is not a professional derogatorily verbal  verbatim. Wake up you sleeping Kenyan media.



  1. Kenyan media is a weapon used by rich and the political class to air their stupid ideas en mobilise peaceful kenyans.shame on them!!!

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