As I write this story, am a grown up youth, who was not very long time ago, a boy child. I have written blogs, but this is the first that am highlighting my fellow gender,(the boy child) thanks to David Mwiring’i a food science student from the university of Nairobi who sent me a mail after reading my stories and requested me to highlight the now vulnerable boy child.

     In the African traditions, a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but we all know that, today, this is a theory with nobody to put it into practice, by this I do not suggest that women go back to where they once belonged but am clarifying that they no longer belong there. Today, women are our bosses, at home and at work, by saying at home I mean that women have even gone a step further and can even marry now, and all this started by them(women) realising that they were being neglected and overworked in the wrong places(kitchen and shamba).

     The girl child went through so much to an extent that they could be exchanged with cows in the name of dowry and get married at the age of 9 in some communities. When the elite and mentally strong women saw this, they took it as their obligation to get their small sisters, aunties, nephews, nieces, and fellow women out of the situation they were dippy sinking into.

     After realising their problem, they boarded a ship and started sailing to a promised land that they had never been too, but could only read and hear on the news from the western countries, as they were doing these, their male counterpart was lavishing in the rich land of well made bed that had him as the King and could access anything at any time. This traditionally bed of roses that had disposed everything to the boy child and left early marriage and the kitchen to the girl child made the boy child forget that the lobby groups that were fighting for equality and women empowerment were achieving anything. The elite men and understanding fathers supported women and we all know today that e.g in Kenya, there are 16 nominated women to the senate so as to attain the 1/3rd gender rule as provided in the constitution.

     When everybody concentrated on the girl child, they forgot that the boy child was there and today, the boy child as turned to be the vulnerable with the girl child way ahead of the boy child. When the boys don’t go to school, slogans of losers are created and people will say(boys will always be boys) but when a girl child don’t go to school people come out and raise their voice saying(fight for children rights). Am left asking what are the mothers who stood for the girl child doing for their sons?

What are the fathers who supported their wives in fighting for equality doing for the boy child?

     When boys and very young boys for that matter fail to do anything for themselves, start abusing drugs and other form criminal groups like the Mungiki, Kamjeshi, S.L.D.F and even the M.R.C we all call for help from the government, but when the girl child is married early, our mothers go to form an organisation to fight it, in simple, they do it for themselves without calling for help from the government. where are the men to fight for men? When women were supported by men to get the girl child from the kitchen, early marriages, rape and female genital mutilation, they embarrassed it, where are they to help the men get the boy child from drugs in Mombasa county, illegal groups all over the country, illiteracy, cattle rustling in Turkana, Samburu, and pokot counties?

     What is the Kenyan community today doing to make sure that their threatened sons are empowered like  their female counterparts?


Before we answer this question, lets advice us(the men) here, when women were fighting so hard to get where they are, they could come out in public and talk about what they are going through, if a woman could not be given attention, she will get it through crying, if not that, she will have it given by the other women, but men are not easy to understand and may be, it’s because of that invisible thing  they call ego. I call to you men of the world today, do not express your views through violence (illegal criminal groups) or being vulnerable (begging in the streets and abusing drugs), but emulate the women who have already showed their courage by achieving the high status they have in our society today, and just asking, can the men hide their pride (ego) and call women for round table meetings so as to get advice on the steps to take since our women have been through that road before? Can the men borrow from the Kenyan Kimeru saying that goes(laing’o iwithakua ii muchako) which means that a solder of solders will only be gotten down by the maize cop if he steps it, then hide our pride so as to get help?


     Your through with reading this story, what do you plan to do for the boy child? Take your part and play it well.

                                                                                      By: Kobia Koome.



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