MEN, THE WORLD’S KINGS.    


Men are that male sex of all the world animals that always want to fill special, mostly they will want to be praised, may be worshiped and at times respected so much by the female counterpart, just like the Lion who is the King of the jungle, allow him to fill so and if possible, treat him like so, this will bring a healthy relationship and you the woman will have the best of a man any other woman could dream of. When a woman wants their man to treat them in a great and loving way, they should follow the following:

  • Before he comes home, always cook for them and make sure even if you have a house girl, please serve food for them when they arrive.
  • Always thank him for the most little things they do: like coming home early, putting up with you, and for doing anything in the house for they believe that its your job.
  • Even if you believe that you are a million times smart than him, always give him the upper hand in any talk, listen to him, and let him feel great by praising his thoughts.
  • Never intrude in his plan, always let him feel like the King planner around the world by following any plan he draws to the letter.
  • In bed, let him feel like the best of all men in the world by doing what he loves most and praising all his moves. Be good and make sure you do not miscalculate his wants.
  • Most of the evenings that he mentions to be so exhausted, massage him and let him know that he truly deserves it for he works so hard and smart to provide for you and the kids.
  • When he invites you for an event, make sure you attend all his events and look great so as for his eyes to stick on you and do not see that friend who his more beautiful than you.
  • Compliment him. Tell him he looks great whenever he makes an effort to dress well, that will make him more confident and have self believe so he will always consider you as his greatest source of confidence.
  • Let him know that you are his all, this is possible by you telling him all that you do, wants to do, or has done without his knowledge.
  • Allow him be a guy when he is with the guys, if you happen to be near him and the friends, do not let the friends know that he was to cook supper for you or he was to wash your clothes for they will make him understand that you are taking him to be the lady in the relationship.
  • Your relationship with him should be your number one secret, do not talk about his weaknesses or strengths to your girlfriends for they will capitalise on them and steal him from you.

With these in mind, your relationship will work out as the best simply because the man will see you as the best of all female counterparts for it is not simple for you to stay or put up in such conditions as listed above.

                                                                                                     By: Kobia Koome.





     Before I begin my story, I would genuinely want to acknowledge Francis Mugure Betty who is a fourth year student at the only government university in Meru county [the Meru University of Science and Technology], who sent me a mail on my facebook account[] after reading several of my stories and asked me to write about parents and their love to children.

When this word parental care is mentioned, whatever runs in the minds of many people is parents. To the contrary, parental care means, taking care of someone (a child) whether you are the parent, guardian or a relative. As we all know everyone needs to be cared for, given that parental love, belong to a place so as to feel at ease and a welcomed member of the world. Especially for the children they need to be shown love and be treated well.

           Like in this case, we have children who do not have parents but still need parental care. They want to be loved and feel as if they are having their own parents. In an incident where a man is married, unfortunately the wife divorces the man leaving behind a very young daughter/son who is like three months old. Despite the parents having separated, this kid still needs to have some care. Anyone else can give the parental care to the kid as well as parental guidance.

          Anyone who is giving parental care to a child should always learn to be friendly to the kid.


Especially to the women who are known to be the most important to the upbringing of a child, they should learn to be polite to the child so as for the child to always feel comfortable.

         A child who was not  brought up by his/her own parents, could at times seem to have low self-esteem or have a not very good type of personality called the counter active personality. To avoid this negative attitude in a child, the particular person offering the parental care should always make sure that he/she treats the child in the best way possible as if the kid was his/her own.

            In cases where a second wife is married, if she meets another woman’s child in the homestead, she should try to treat the kid well so as to create a mutual understanding/relationship with the child so as to give space for mental maturity. Some children who are brought up by step-mothers always seem to lack something in their life. At times they are treated in a very cruel manner and tend to even feel lonely. Nevertheless, some other children live with their step-mothers but are still given the best treatment every child could want from a parent.

          Some step-mothers at least give the children a chance to share their stories that could be disturbing them. This is what is required to everyone offering parental care. This makes the children so close to the parent making the kid develop a high self-esteem.

            Some parents are very harsh to their children. They do not give them any parental care and even guidance as much as they may need. This is why we find many kids looming in the streets today. They are so desperate and have no places they call their home, they have no parents to take care of them, although it is so sad  that some of the lazy parents in towns today are using their own children as ‘street begging tools’ . In the African traditions, all kids were guided by anyone who was a parent, that means, all children belonged to all parents and not their biological parents. Today everything has really changed.

        Today there are several children homes such as Saving Our Souls(SOS)  children’s home, Ripples International among others  that have been started to take up the parental guidance role instead of it being every parent for every child and every child for every parent, as it was in the world B.C, A.D and recently in the African world of early 1990s.These homes have played a very big and important role in offering the parental care. They have housed the homeless kids such as the orphans and been able to take care of them. There are people in these homes who take good care of these children despite them not being their own. Children are always a blessing and that is why they need to be cared for.

       Therefore, it could be a good strategy if our Kenyan government came up with various ideas and setting up measures to help the homeless and hopeless children get the parental care all the children need. This could even bring more unity and love amongst all people.

         Questions will always run through my mind and the minds of many other Kenyans on why the government is selective. We have the National Council of Persons living with Disability (NCPWD), to sort out the disabled in the country, Ministry of Youths, Sports and Gender to sort out youths, men and women of the country and we even have National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), to sort out hospital issues for the citizens, among others but not even a single small part of the government that is set aside to be the home of the homeless children, father to the fatherless. Does this mean that this country does not appreciate the vulnerable children?

Amazing Counterfeit Phones

Amazing Counterfeit Phones

As people talk negatively about phones from the east, they should look at the positive side of the story for example, at only 20US$ I managed to purchase a smart phone that has a camera with only 2 mega pixels and looking at this photos as an intelex , you can tell what such a low class camera can do if placed on the right hands.
I love taking photos.

Je! Mbona uliondoka mpenzi!!!!!

     To my English readers, am so sorry that below is a little poem that is written in Swahili, which is the number one spoken African language in East Africa, I had to write it in a different language from English so as to answer to an inbox I got after sharing the other poem that I had shared on my facebook account from my wordpress blog with the title (you might be gone but not from my heart). If you read that other story, then you should not worry for they are more or less the same.

    I had to put my creativity at test by writing in a different language, this time round, Swahili was my target, to all its speakers, below is a little love poem that tells more of my experience with a heartless woman but one that forgetting was, is and will be so hard even in the years to come.

                                                   Je! Mbona uliondoka mpenzi!!!!!


Usipoziba ufa, utajenga ukuta na hizo ndio panda shuka za maisha,

, na pia usipomtuza wako haina bundi atakuwa wa mwenzio,

Kwa mara ya kwanza nilipokuona, mwenyewe nilijishangaa,

Moyo kanidunda kwa furaha pia kuniondolea zote karaha,

Toka chini kwenda juu, ikawa kama futi tano nukta tano,

Tabasaamu nililopata kanionyesha yalivyo meupe na laini meno,

Macho kanichanganya kutojua nilipo, kweli yalipendeza muno,

Midimo kweli tamu, yakubusu kwa muda wa msaa kama nane,

Sura ya malaika, kiuno kawa kama cha nambari nane,

Makalio murua hayajamaliziwa kwa vikao vya umbea,

Rangi ya pesa ukipena ile ngiri, kupita kweli kanilemea,

Habari dada? Nzuri kaka! Sauti nyororo kayamaliza maneno kwa wangu mdomo!

Mawazo kunobana, maswali kama naishi ama hili ni ndoto?

Halikuwa ndoto lakini nilikuwa nishaa mpata wa yangu maisha mototo,

Lakini kwani yalipita yale, linalo nisumbua kwa sasa ni je! Mbona uliondoka mpenzi!!!!


Kama kweli mapenzi kipofu, uwezo wa kuona sijajaliwa kupata,

Hivyo nilithani kama mapenzi wako mpenzi ulishaa pata,

Kwa yangu maisha ukaja, nyingi furaha kuileta,

Kwa mara nyingi tuu, baridi ilipozidi ukawa yangu sweta,

Mapenzi kunionyesha bila mzaha kuuleta,

Maneno matamu kanipa chumbani, huku kichwa chako umelaza kifuani,

Ungenipenda milele mpaka ile siku ningetoweka duniani,

Kayatimiza hayo kwa muda mchache alafu kayapa mkono wa buriani,

Bila kunieleza kitu ambacho uliisi ungeepa kwangu mpenzi,

Ndio nikabaki kuelewa hao ni marafiki wanafiki wasio lipenda letu penzi,

Kwa kukosa uakika, nilibaki maswali mengi nikijiuliza,

Lakini pia mawaidha sikuwahi kuyakosa, ndipo ya kulinde uendapo,

Mpenzi ulipo kumbuka wanaopenda wachache, wengi wanatamani,

Wanaotamani mapenzi yao mafupi kwani watoka vya kitandani,

Ukishawapa watapotea, hivyo jiadhari mpenzi, na kila siku kumbuka:

Nilipo kwa sasa najiuliza? Je! Mbona uliondoka mpenzi!!!!

Natamani sana kwamba ungalirude mpenzi!! Jo tena mpenzi!!


     Baada ya utinzi huu, na kuang’a kwaheri mpenzi na kukupa neon la mwisho ambalo ni; sitowahi tena tamani mapenzi ya kidhuluma.

                                                                         By: Kobia Koome.




     Media are channels of communication like print, radio, television and internet, in the media, there are things to be done and as always in any institution, first things first; the media should be a watchdog for the citizens of any country that they are operating.

     Being a watchdog does not only mean telling the public what the government could be up to next, how many funds has been misdirected and wrongly used, but it should always play its three main duties at any given time, these duties of the media are; educate, inform, and lastly entertain.

     In this case, the Kenyan media has nothing to offer me here, by saying this I mean that, they do not follow these three duties but have their own way of dealing with the Kenyan public. As I write this story I will base it between the Kenyan media stations and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC radio).

     To anybody who is a friend to the BBC radio in Kenya, I already know you got my point, but for the sake of other readers, let me get clearer, the Kenyan stations and mostly the radio has gone to the dogs, by this I mean that they have a series of programmes that do not help the Kenyan citizen but only blind them to the truth and the future, many of the media today, have many of their programmes as entertaining and have no time to inform or educate the Kenyans, if you tune to the radio stations in the morning until 10-11 AM, you will be in shock for most of the radio stations have one thing in common, they all call or ask their listeners to call  them and contribute to sexually related topics every day, so I am left wondering if sex is the only thing the ears of Kenyans need to hear! When they are not doing this, they ask their listeners to press some digits on their phones and get their favourite songs, as they do this, the Chinese media is asking their listeners who are of the blind community to press certain digits and get E books of their syllabus or novels.

     At the same time that radio stations are doing nothing but mere talk, the TV stations have movies that they show to Kenyans as if it was by request, mostly these are Nigerian movies and Mexican soaps, after that most of the radio stations will again from 11AM-1PM have love related problems and love doctors who solve the problems that the listener either texts or calls and gets help, again mostly love will go back to the sexual related issue, what a community?

     Afternoon knocks and there is a break from this monotony with another monotony of 1PM news in all the stations, then most of the radio stations take their normal route and if one stations is playing the East African music, the other will be Playing Jamaican music which in most cases is so verbally abusive, that is what will end the day of the Kenyan citizen. Talking about the night is a waste of time because by now you know if sex and music takes the better part of the day, then it is the King of the night.

     Thanks be to God for technology has help the media be Worldwide either through the internet or through different frequencies. Has the Kenyan media is entertaining those that want too, the ones that what information and education will have their eyes glued to CNN TV, Aljazeera, BBC TV/radio, China radio, and even Radio France international. So I will just take the BBC to explain a bit what the Kenyan media is lacking.

     The BBC radio is the most informative radio station this side of Sahara, with its frequency in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi and Mombasa as; 93.9, they have so many informative and educative programmes and so as for me not to be a lier, I will list some of them and invite you to listen to them and after that tune to any Kenyan radio or TV station and without any malice I will tell you for free that you will never again make that mistake.

    The BBC programmes like; the outlook, witness, world have your say, news hour, science hour, and the weekend are so informative and educative and as a Kenyan, I call to the owners and managers of the Kenyan media to emulate this for if the media will not play its part, that is when they will have time to go and take tea in state house, be friends to the president a thing that should never happen with the media, for if the president is your friend you will never watch him but cover his government. Wake up the sleeping Kenyan media. This is not a threat but if the Kenyan Media through all its mediums will not take another step towards the truth, this country will be the most bloody one in the World 18 years from today, the reason being that, they even have time to assume issues like when communities fight, instead of investigative journalism taking its course, they take what the police have assumed and report that it politically instigated, instead of proper investigation to deaths of prominent people rumours are taken to be true and like in the case of George Saitoti we are told the drug lords killed him, yes if they did, who are they? Wake up!

     When telling such truth, everyone will want to be on your neck, but if that hurt you, here is a better truth, the Kenyan media is the way it is because of its work force, by this I mean, if you work your house built better, you get the best of architecture in town, and the best construction company full of professional, but the Kenyan media is full of quartz who can’t even give the different between a condenser and ribbon microphone at their disposal. The employers have taken time to employ so many non journalist in the industry, professional are left out there to work for international media, if today you went to every media group in this country, you will be surprised to get not less than 15 quartz who have if at any point so a class room door, then are either, teachers, or accountant, or even coaches and comedians as presenters and broadcasters, or is the Kenyan media the dumping site for the jobless? With this kind of a media industry, state house will be the tea room, and the media will be the devil workshop for they will never tell the truth, we will have stations paying a fine of 10, and even 30 million as it once happened because someone who is not a professional derogatorily verbal  verbatim. Wake up you sleeping Kenyan media.