From a matatu tout to a plane owner! Kudos jaguar.

       following your passion makes money follow you.


     Making it in life as a Nairobian, is one of the most difficult tests one might go through in life especially if they are not on a white color job, and as the English men will tell you: if you have it in your mind you will hold it in your hand, and jaguar must truly have had it in his mind.

     Jaguar is a local musician in Kenya Nairobi city, his real name is Charles Kanyi Njagua, before music he was a matatu tout working for route 58 (Buruburu) and route 15 (Lang’ata), he worked here for three years and since he was used to selecting songs for the passengers in the matatu, he developed a liking for music from this. To explain more we can call him :the matatu dj”.

      Just like Churchill, who was a local casual laborer, and he is now one of the top comedians in the country, Nyota Ndogo who was a house girl at Nyali estate in the coastal of Kenya, jaguar was also a tout.

     Now jaguar has made it in the music industry with some of his music tracks winning him awards, his hit song Kigeugeu, won him the boomba artist of the year, he was also the male artist of the year in the year 2011. A true hustler he has been since he is now the richest musician in East Africa, he is also known for his big business but jaguar is a Philanthropist, what I mean is that he has a big sense of humor like in the case where he mobilized his friends to pay a  bill of 50000 for Maria Sanawa from Kariobangi estate, who has been suffering from fibroid for six years.

     Jaguar is well known for driving a range rover sports new model which has made him so popular since no other local musician has such a classy car, but if these surprised you, then get shocked by getting to know that jaguar has bought a plane.

     He bought the six sitter plane during the campaign period when he was working closely with the president Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, he has both the plane and the convertible range rover christened with his name (jaguar). The two assets are well seen in the video of his song Kipepeo.

its now true that just as Bill Gates onces said following your passion will make money follo you.

                                                                                                By: Kobia Koome.


2 thoughts on “From a matatu tout to a plane owner! Kudos jaguar.

  1. I really want to meet this artist av got so many question for him.from a tout to the richest musician in E.A.

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