It is best done at East Africa Media, what is it?

It is best done at East Africa Media, what is it?

As the Kenyan government plans to give laptops to class one children in January next year, college students are past its plans since they have made personal efforts and they are now doing what their government cannot do for them. Being in college as a student journalist is a good thing, that is especially if your doing it the digital way. Gaining knowledge and sharing it immediately through the internet to the world is what the today’s students are doing in Nairobi city, journalism as gone to another level, whereby, when the students who do not have avenues for their assignments, have blogs and publish them so that the world can see their fine work. An example of such a blog is one owned by a student photographer Jimmy Gatimu, and its user name is met several student journalist and this is their fine way of studying.


    Practice makes perfect, this is what I proved at the East Africa Media Institute as I visited the photography department, I was so happy to see them take professional photos as I also took the chance and captured some. Patrick Karing’ithi with the camera doing his best.                                    


     The Kenyan government has in the recent days appreciated women and provided it in the constitution that there should always be a one third gender rule in jobs, and even recognition. Now that I know what the constitution provides, I could not leave the lady students out of this. So I took a photo of Lydia Nasike at her best in the school photo studio.


     as I came from the college, I had learnt that there are so many un recognised good journalist who are not yet in the market, my experience with the students made me think that there should be students awards just like there is the CNN awards or the emie. I truly found good work and I had to share this with my readers.

                                                                                              Yours truly: kobia koome.


4 thoughts on “It is best done at East Africa Media, what is it?

    • am so happy that you drop by my blog now and then but so sorry that my friend jimmy changed his user name to, so i think this could be why the other user name does not link you to his blog. i took sometime to answer your comment because i had to call jimmy and confirm.

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