A ROYAL CHILD: THE FUTURE KING FOR 16 COUNTRIES, IS HE                                                                   REALY WORTH IT?

     I have always wondered why countries fought for independence if they could never rule themselves! At the mention of independence, many of you now have your minds fixed in Europe, this is the continent from which the colonisers of almost all of us came from. I always have so many an unanswered question running through my mind since i were age seven, why is it that the colonisers had to force what they called the three c’s to citizens of others countries? By three c’s i mean, Civilization, Christianity and Colonisation.

     When i woke up this morning at 5am East African time, I pressed my phones buttons to switch on the BBC radio and the news i had to me are as useless as they sounded in my hears. I know that you have either from your radio, TV set, news paper or the internet had that a Royal baby has been born in London and he is expected to become a King of 16 countries in future, some of these countries are: Australia, Jamaica, Canada, Belize amongst others. so I wonder why a child born in another country will one day become the head of state of another country? Or is it that the citizens of those 15 countries are not capable to lead their own countries?

    In my first paragraph I highlighted the colonisation point, so here comes its use, if these other 15 states did not need to rule themselves, then why did they let the great Britain not rule them all the way from the days of slavery? Why did they even waste their time, energy, money and citizens who died fighting for their independence?After all these questions running through my mind, I was thinking of my own Motherland, Kenya who is a mother enough to give birth to great sons and daughters who have ruled the country since the Britons were kicked out of the government and we had our own government in 1963, the reason why may be Kenya and many other countries are independent to a point of ruling themselves is that they believe that they are better than any other country but just like you need a brother, we also need other countries.

     A country like Australia has always had the republicans who believe that the idea of have another child who is not your own ruling over you i          s not the best and should be changed to make it the vice versa, this is evident by Mr. John warhurst who in the year 010 when he was the chairman for the Australian republican movement said that the country should have a referendum to determine who expertly was in power between the queen and the countries governor general.Image

As I were writing this story, I felt so great and proud of my motherland that I had to put my creativity in practice for a minute and tell her all that I felt through a little poem that is below:

                               KENYA MY MOTHERLAND.

     I call you mother, You that I step on every day You that provide enough prey,

But to get it I must be tough

A good mother you are, A generous mother you are

You the oasis of peace, You never deny me anything I want

Though I must toil an moil to achieve it

All the resources in need are right below my feet

Call it oil, food, land, or anyting, they realy are fit

A good mother you are.


     They never knew you would be what you are today

A beautiful mother, caring and loving

They colonized your children, They shed blood on you

They enslaved your little children named them natives,

Thank you for you have lifted them again to be brave

Never knew you would blossom one day

A good mother you are:


          Everyone loves you, Ready and steady to protect you

From all kind of enemies, Not even hunger or diseases

A loved mother you are   We get armed to protect you even from those overseas

Because you give everything we need

And a mothery love we get indeed

Thank you for all that mother, On you we want to leave forever.

For the far we are, we have a billion reason to believe in you

And we pledge to leave on you not only now but you are our future,

Because that is what we believe for its set by nature.


     After the message to my motherland, i had this to ask you my reader, are you proud of your state? Do you think that one day you will be the end of your state or someone else from billion of kilometres from your land will be your head of state? Anyway, I think for you the members of the 16 commonwealth countries that have the royal family ruling you, this is food for your thought.

                                                                                                           By: Kobia Koome.



  1. I love my country kenya and am proud of it…we believe no outsider can govern us since that happened enough during colonization.

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