GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS NOW A FREE MAN.

     on the 26thFebruary 2012, George Zimmerman a volunteer night watchman at the twins gated community in Sanford Florida shot Trayvon Martins a 17 year old boy on his way from the shop.

     George had suspected Trayvon and called the 911 to report that he had seen a man who looked suspicious in the community, the 911 officer ordered him not to take any action and should wait for the police to come,  George did not follow the order so he went on to confront Trayvon.

     After the confrontation, it is alleged that the two exchanged blows and Trayvon repeatedly knocked George on the ground and even tried to rich for his gun when George reached  for it first and shot Trayvon ones on the chest.


     Due to public demand, the case was investigated and George tried in a murder case of Trayvon Martins, since then, it has been a year and four months and now George Zimmerman is a free man.

     He was found not guilty  of all charges pressed against him on Saturday evening by a jury of 6 women, after delivering a verdict that was reached after 16 hours of deliberations.

     George’s lawyers argued that he shot Trayvon in self defence and he used justifiable deadly force.

     The jury had three verdicts to consider: second degree murder, man slaughter or not guilty of all counts.

    In Nairobi city, the capital of Kenya, people were on their daily duties and others in church as the verdict was read since it was on Sunday. I managed to talk to many Kenyans and to my surprise, not many who even had an idea of the case, is it that the Kenyan community is an ignorant community or is it that what goes on outside Kenya is not their business?

       in south b shopping centre, I met Peter Mbithi a young man in his twenties and he knew very well of the case and the ruling. and these is what he had to say: “I knew of the case through the internet since being a an information and technology expert, I should always look at the internet as my brother” he went on to answer my next question which was what was his reaction after the verdict. “without beating around the bush, I think Trayvon died because he was black” on asking if the jury had done justice, “no! No! No! If it was a black man who shot a white man he could get jailed for many years”

                                   ImagePeter(an I.T expert)

     In Ngong, a small town in North Kajiado, I met Jackline Edaya a freelance journalist who told me “I am a journalist and I had to follow such a case until today and even in future because this is my concern as an opinion former in my society” she also gave her reactions and thoughts to me, “yes George might have acted on the stand your ground law of Florida but Trayvon too did the same, so the jury should have consider that. I also see the whole of this case as racial conflict looking at where the blacks have come from in America”        


                                       Jackline(a freelance journalist)         

Back to the city centre after collecting views out of the city, i atleast did not meet another disappointment since I called a lawyer so as to get the law side of the story. He is Mutuma Kibanga a lawyer in Kenya and a partner of Munga Kibanga advocate company, a big law farm in Kenya.


                                                  Mutuma Kibanga (A lawyer)

     Mutuma got to Know of the story through the BBC radio immediately they reported about it last year.

     When responding to the shooting he said “it is very wrong and uncivilised to have a citizen shoot the other and walk freely” and about the stand your ground law? “the government should be the one to protect its citizens and not the citizens to protect themselves” he also added that to his own view, “the laws that licence citizens to own guns, and to shoot when they fill threatened, should be reviewed”.

      Responding to the demonstrations going on in many parts of USA he said” I am still following the case through BBC radio and the demonstrators are citizens of the country and should be listened too” and “as Kenyans, we should not put too much time in this but should just follow it as we give the Americans time to solve it” I got to the point of race and he had this to say: “it is prejudicial to call it racially instigated killings, but from the news I have gotten so far, it could be!”

                                                                        Written by: Kobia Koome.



  1. Very well put together Kobia! I love that you got several takes on the situation from different sources. (I would just note, when you view your page, there is what looks like HTML coding at the top that I can see, I’m sure you don’t mean for that to happen, maybe check it out?)

      • Hmm… Try going back and editing the post. If you don’t see that coding at the top, try switching to TEXT instead of Visual, and see if you can see that code there and delete it. I’m not sure how it would get in your post if you didn’t enter it yourself.

      • Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, I am so grateful and happy to blog with you, I have edited the stories and they are fine now.

      • Great, glad I could help! I am glad you stopped by my blog allowing me to find yours, I really enjoy reading someones perspective from another place in the world!

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