CONGLESE, TANZNIAN TWELVE LANGUAGE SPEAKER.


     Language is a communication tool; it helps people understand each other hence making relations between people, communities, regions and even countries easier. Language can be in many forms, in form of written words, signs, verbal communication, gestures, moves, music, amongst others. In the world of today, people have made it easier for different language speakers to communicate by learning each other language either in school or by personal efforts through home based tuition. Communication is sending of message from one person to another or to a mass through a means of communication, so it means once you have passed your message through any channel and its understood then your given feedback, you have already communicated.

      There are many international languages that the United Nations recognize, some of them are: English, French, German, and Spanish amongst others, many of the people in the world speak only one of the languages recognized by the U.N, but what if you met someone who speak and understand twelve different languages? What could be their motive and goal if not benefits of understanding all these languages?

     Mr. Abraham Kissinger is a twenty eight year old man, a lecturer at East Africa Media Institute, Regional institute which is under Maseno University and Moya institute of technology.


 He is a graduate of the Kingshasa University and he has a degree in linguistics and communication, and a diploma in community development and social work. He is a Congolese, and Tanzanian, these means that his father is a Congolese and the mother is Tanzanian. Mr. Kissinger came to Kenya in the year two thousand and seven to look for greener pastures, he has been in the country since then and his main business here is teaching foreign languages. He told me that he earns enough to help him pay his rent and upkeep from his salary in the three institutes and mostly the home based tuition that he does.

    When I asked him why he had chosen languages and how many he could speak? He had this to say: “I can speak twelve languages” “why so many “? “I hope that one day I will work with the UN and I have to know all these languages so as for me to be flexible enough in my job” I was so impressed and had to inquire. Which are these twelve languages? “I speak Jingala which is my mother tongue, Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, English, Kiswahili and currently am studying Russian, besides that I will be enrolling for a masters in international relations early next year at a local university to widen my chances of working with the UN: “whom inspires you in life sir?” “The former UN general secretary of state’s Mr. Koffi Annan who can also speak seven different languages” these to me seemed like a joke since he had already achieved almost double of what is mentor has on the side of language.

     He now had narrated so much to me and I had to get to my final questions, “sir! What else apart from teaching have you achieved from these languages?” “I have helped translate a book from Spanish to English, which is titled teach yourself English, made several advertisements for two radio stations in djibut, and one for Citizen TV one of the biggest stations in Kenya, the Advert was branded (angukia milioni na Mwala)” : at twenty eight you are a young man, what message can you pass to the youths like you”? “Education is the key but talent is the padlock”

      His message reminded me of my mentor based in the United States of America Mr. Pete Combs who always told me that in writing, facts are what matters and as a young man, if I kept on giving personal opinions I could remain to be a craftsman without craft.

                                                                                                                         Story by: Kobia Koome.


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