YOU ARE GONE BUT NOT FROM MY HEART.                                                                                                                                                             


     When the love of my life left me, I had a lot in my mind and since I believe in writing, I had to put my skills in the bad and hurting situation I found myself in. I wished she could love me forever but she just like any other woman, was just another woman. She reminded me that there is a price to pay by trusting a woman, just like I had learnt from my Mum and Dad, these time round my price was getting hurt and left to fill lonely. All in all, I did not leave without sending a message to her and tell her what was in my mind and my heart desires. “sweetheart! This is where creativity took me these time round”

I will be happy when you love me again.



fee ling of love so crazy, wallowing in thoughts so am lazy.

In thoughts I strive, for these   problem to resolve,

With every hope of a new day, that you will come my way.

I promised never to let go, when love was making its way.

Now you have gone away, its hard for me to say.

Maybe for my wrong  dids, but I can’t tell indeed

for I have lost and not gained, I have to adore the pain.

Hoping and praying that to me you will come back again.

I will be happy when*  you love me again.

  • * * * * *


Now that we are not together, I pray for a gift, That in my life it comes and lifts.

In my life I hope it will come, hoping and praying its not stolen from me.

It’s a gift that no other can outshine, so protecting It, is what I will do

When problems face it, I promise it sunshine to avoid any moment of


I might never offer it expensive minerals like: gold, silver and all jewels

     But know what my gift, I promise to offer you happiness The sunshine of our lives together

I promise my heart and soul to you gift

And even if there moments of darkness, I promise you myself to walk side by side with you

I will be happy when you love me again.

  • * * * * *

My future with you is to call you my children’s mother,

You that will care for us generously each and  everyday,

You will be the oasis of peace for the family, whose you will be the mother.

a honest wife, sweet mother, loving auntie, a polite sister in law,

a trusted and truthful new gift to the big family.

what a sweet family all because of these great gift sent from heaven?

Your sweet smile brightening every morning for the family,

Your beauty giving morale for smart and hard work,

Your kindness bringing blessings to these young family forever,

What a great gift will I have here? The problem is currently the gift is not mine!!!!!

I will be happy when you love me again.

  • * * * * …………………………………….the end.


     It is very hard for an adult to live without love, actually, human beings are animals that has a sense of belonging, so it would not be wrong if any being wished to belong somewhere even if it meant living with the other, but I always ask myself if God was fare to not give beings an alternative to love!! And if the alternative was there, which of the world things and issues could be it?


                                                                                                                 By: Kobia Koome.



  1. These is a nice love story, but there can never be a replacement to love, just leave with the situation as it is. Am also a victim of these.

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