There are many different languages in the world today, (English, French, Arabic, Swahili) many of the world’s population do not understand more than three languages; no language can be understood by the 7 billion of the world’s population except music. Music is for all, (blind, physically challenged, and even the deaf and dum) if you doubt that the deaf understand music, you should be on your way to ST. Joseph Kang’ethe hearing impairement school in Nairobi and you will get the doubting Thomas out of your system.
As my phone rung for the third time, I thought of ignoring it again for I were too tired and did not fill like handling anything apart from some sweet sleep, “yes! Kobia on the line” “awhooo!” without any doubts I replied “awhoooo!” my long time friend Darius Nguma was on the phone, these was and is still our friendly way of greeting each other. I thanked God that we had linked up again and thanked the modern technology since we could talk from the comfort of our beds and not standing in town next to a wall and holding a big phone that could be stuck to the wall with everyone in the long cue hearing what you have to say. As i were talking to him, my mind was not much in the conversation but his life.
He is a twenty four year old man who leaves in Likoni Estate in Mombasa County, “where have you reached in education brother?” “Education is a lifestyle in Kenya and I have to leave it to my last breath” he told me happily, “so what do you mean?” “After the teaching course I undertook at Machakos teachers training institute, am now planning to change the education route to computer science” all these time I had not remembered that he was visually impaired.
Darius was born visually impaired and went to school like any other kid in his times, he learnt writing using the brail system of writing but later when technology knocked the door, he embraced the computer way of writing, by this i mean that he can use a computer just like the abled person but through the help of a speaking software called Jaws, it helps him navigate around everything in a computer and he is even enjoying the social websites like all of us,. Thanks to freedom scientific.
As we were still chatting, i had some musical beats and i got interested in the sweet sound, “what music are you listening too?” “Am not listening to music only, but am playing with a piano” “

How is this possible Darius!” i asked gaping my mouth and surprised how despite being visually impaired he could do these. “i play piano almost every day, and am also good in base guitar, drums are now my brothers” he even made me think that i had now slept and woken to his words as a dream. But after explaining it further, i was now up to date.
He learnt to play the piano, base guitar, and the drums as a young boy schooling at the Likoni primary school in Mombasa, thanks to his music teacher Mr. Katembo who taught him that seeing is not only by the eyes and made sure that his all other senses were coordinated and despite the visual impairment, he could see the guitar and the piano through is senses, brain and heart. He even made me happier by telling me that he wishes to be a music producer in future and work with if not for a big production company like Universal records. “it has been good hearing from you good friend” “thank you and don’t be the bad friend you have been, save my number and let’s talk often, i can make sure that you too can play the piano and the guitar better than me” “but you can see a little bit but i have lost 85% of my sight!” believe you can, just like you do write good stories on your blog and you will be good to go, who of your readers can believe that you too are visually impaired?” “Let’s that be a topic of another day brother, i promise to be the first to call next time” he hang up i could not easily sleep thinking when i could start my classes with him as my music producer!
By: Kobia Koome.



  1. Very cool! It’s amazing what you can do when you try. Nothing can stop you when you truly want to learn! Thank you for dropping by my blog recently; I am glad you did, I have enjoyed reading your work as well!!

    • I am only three weeks old in the blogging word and I love what you are doing that is why skipping your stories is hard, keep up the norale.

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