POLITICAL HYSTERIA IN KENYA.


      When everyone else just thinks that after the elections politics will take a brake in Kenya, its shocking that instead it has taken a new angle. During the elections, two main coalitions were formed that’s T.N.A(the National Allience) and Cord(coalition of reform and democracy) ruled all the way from when the campaign period started to the election day, the results after the elections were not pleasing to cord which many believed could scoop the presidency. Peacefully, cord through their attorneys proceeded to the supreme court unlike the previous elections when parties that were not contented with the outcome of the elections called for mass action. An example is the year 2007 when the then O.D.M(Orange Democratic Movement) lost the elections and the party secretary Mr. Anyang Nyong’o called for mass action.

Again now, politics in Kenya is what everyone wants to hear about every time they switch on their TV stations, or radio – they want to see latest political news in Kenya or simply Breaking News! Of course with the recent state of Kenyan politics everyone is taking the newspapers, TVs and Radios depending on where you come from, seriously just to have even a little knowledge of what is the next size of somersault that politics is going to take. Many believe it has taken an international somersault because the American president has skipped Kenya in his second African tour that is after he visited Ghana and Egypt during his first term in office.

American president to visit Africa.

         When it was announced in May that the American president Mr. Barrack Obama was to visit Africa, to the minds of many Kenya was the first in thought, but to their surprise, the president was to visit three African countries and Kenya was not one of them, the three are: Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa. Mr. Obama did not leave Kenya out since he has invited many Kenyan personnel’s to meet him in different countries, the Kenyan chief justice mr. willy Mutunga is among 10 chief justices who are to meet the American president in Dakar the capital city of Senegal, the industrialist mr. Cris Kirubi was also invited to meet him in Daressalaam the coastal city of Tanzania but he declined the offer saying it was unfair for Kenya as the motherland to Obama’s father.

Mr. Raila Odinga the cord leader is not left out in the invitation list. Could these be another political hysteria that is sweeping in Kenya?

    The Kenyan president mr. Uhuru Kenyatta is not invited to meet the American president and neither is his deputy mr. William ruto who are suspects of the election violence of the year 2007, the two are suspected of violating human rights. To many Kenyans, these is the main reason for Obama skipping his ancestral land when visiting Africa and take the goodies he will come with two different countries but not where he is believed to have rooted from. An example of the goodies is the many investors that will believe that if Kenya is not a save country for an American president to visit, then it’s not a good place to invest in. but is it really true? I again remember it is believed that when America coughs, the rest of the world catches a cold. Could these be another cough for America that has infected Kenya with a cold?

          Many Kenyans wished that mr. Obama could assume the suspects and visit Kenya. After speaking to young Kenyans who are students at the East Africa Media institute, these is what they had to tell me about the visit:Jimmy Gatimu: :I think I wasted my time, effort and my vote since it has denied Kenya a very important economical boost:. Nellius Kimani, “I will not by any way be affected by that visit directly and that’s what matters to me since the government does nothing much for me”. Does the American president visit to other African countries really mean bad international relations for Kenya as many now believe?

                                                               Story by: Kobia Koome.




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