POLITICAL HYSTERIA IN KENYA.


      When everyone else just thinks that after the elections politics will take a brake in Kenya, its shocking that instead it has taken a new angle. During the elections, two main coalitions were formed that’s T.N.A(the National Allience) and Cord(coalition of reform and democracy) ruled all the way from when the campaign period started to the election day, the results after the elections were not pleasing to cord which many believed could scoop the presidency. Peacefully, cord through their attorneys proceeded to the supreme court unlike the previous elections when parties that were not contented with the outcome of the elections called for mass action. An example is the year 2007 when the then O.D.M(Orange Democratic Movement) lost the elections and the party secretary Mr. Anyang Nyong’o called for mass action.

Again now, politics in Kenya is what everyone wants…

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